Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here it is--the day before the formal dance. The question is---Did the dress get done??? YES! It did along with the top hat, the ballet shoes and the wristlet. Along the way I did have a ton of help! It is along and hard job creating a dress-especially when the "model" won't work. That leaves lots of waiting time in there...but not to worry. My helpers are on duty and working hard! 
First there is Apollo--our little brown down. He was supposed to be an Akita something cross according to the rescue society I got him from--he was the huge red fluffy puppy that licked everyone to death and that no one wanted. I took one look at those huge red, fluffy paws and home he came with me. Apollo insists on being in the same room with me when I"m working--which often means I am stepping over him constantly. It took a bit but we finally found the solution to this--get him a bed! Apollo LOVES his bed--it is in the livingroom and he can see everything in the house. Of course, I'm not sure how he "sees" everything when he is usually in this position:

As you can see--he is hard at work protecting us:) 

On the other end of house we have our giant fluffy white (well, sometimes white) puppy. When Nemo says he wants to come in--good luck at keeping him out! He has knocked oldest son off of his feet coming in the back door--fortunately for him, there was a bed close by and he landed on it.

Now Nemo is a working dog--he usually spends all of his time outside in the pastures. For your reference:) Those tiles are 12 inch squares---go ahead---add them up:) Yes, he is a big dog!!! But all 150+ lbs is pure solid wonderful happy loving heart:) 
Yes, yes, yes--I know get to the dress!!! 
First we had to make a few items to go with the dress:
A pair of ballet shoes--which I got from Pinterest--love that site. But I didn't take a pic of the shoes--they are for her to put on when the shoes come off during the dance. The dance is in the school cafeteria so my thought is "Yuck! Bare feet on the floor--NOT!"
Then I had to make a top hat--now I only did the basic part of the hat--the form and putting the fabric covering over it. The decorations on the hat--Fiona did. I think it is pretty cool! She plans to have her hair done with vintage curls and then put her hat slightly off centered and off to the side on the one side of her head. I'll take pics tomorrow when the finishing touches are put on--but here's the hat!
This is the side view --

Pretty cool looking, eh?

Then we needed something to put all of our "stuff" into--a quilted, zippered wristlet was just the thing. 

The front of the dress--it is supposed to be asymmetrical--she wanted it like that. 

Yep--that asymmetrical thing again--drives me nuts still but--it is how she wanted it. This dress was originally done in gauze and netting--none to be found here so we did it with poly . It turned into a bit more of a princess type of dress but still the way she wanted it and she's happy. You only graduate from 8th grade once and you only have one 8th grade social. 
More pics tomorrow night after Cheryl Zdon does her hair, puts the top hat in place and we are actually "dressed." 

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