Wednesday, December 30, 2009

African Tortoise hatchling

This is one of my new babies--on the top of his head is a design that looks like a pumpkin so I named him "Pumpkin"--BTW-we don't know if he's a he or a she. Won't know for quite awhile what sex they are and even then--heck if I know if I will be able to tell for sure!
This is an African Tortoise hatchling--they eat all kinds of plants and veges--no meat. They will be about 60 ish pounds when full grown and will be able to hang out in my backyard in a few years when they get big. They do learn who you are and will develop trust so that the will eat from you which I think it cool. They really look at their food and pick what they want to eat--another feature I find cool. Yes , I'm a nerd and I"m proud of it! Love animals but can't do one full time? You can always become a foster parent for one of the many rescue organizations. There are bird, rabbit, cat, dog--you name it. You do have to agree to interact and provide potential new families with info about the animal (like how do they behave around other people, are they housebroken, crate trained,etc) but usually it's fairly short term, you are providing a great service and--you get the stress lowering please of temporarily owning an animal:) Pretty cool!
Check it out! Caio!

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